Rubrail installation – with one person!

So, today I installed the Ipe rubrail down both sides of the boat. I had been hesitant to tackle this solo, as the thought of wrangling a 20 foot rubrail into position by myself self gave me pause. But, after looking at the problem from many angles, I came up with a solution.

First, i found these long pieces of stock and put them between the boat and the CWB pickup next to it, and set the rail on top of it.

After slathering the back side of the rub rail with dolphanite, I started at the rear, pre-drilling the holes and screwing the rubrail down. after the first or second piece, I dropped the midship board and continued to work it around the edge.

I used a clamp to preload the curve as i worked it around.

After I got it installed, I installed the teak plugs into the rubrail.


This worked well, so I repeated the process on the other side, using the workbench for the assist boards


Carefull observers may notice some of the bronze work has been installed, as well as the bowsprit; once i get more of this done i’ll probably write about that at a later date.

Now, off to check the R2AK tracker! Go Razzle Dazzle!


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