We’ve had a MUTINY!

George had been grumbling that he hadn’t been getting his due. I had thought I had appeased him with some banana nut bread flavored Cliff bars, but here I am, tied up in the hold. He’s running around on deck, swinging my R2AK Pocketknife around like it’s a sword, trying to find a good plank for me to walk.

I’ve heard his demands, and in the interest of my own safety, I’ve decided to capitulate.

First, he’s demanding I change the name of the sailing team. So, Team Hodge is no more.

We’re now Team Monkey Fist.

Because after you make all your wishes on that cursed monkey’s paw, you’re left with a fist and the horrible unintended consequences.

It also makes George recall that time he got his hand stuck in a coconut some one drilled a hole in and on the end of a string. He still doesn’t know what was inside, but swears it was shiny and worth grabbing.

Second, he’s demanding a new logo. I’ve asked my wife to come up with one and I hope she comes thru with the ransom.

In other news, We’re also looking to add to the crew.  George is taking applications for a third crewmember for WA360.  We’ve got the boat and if you’ve got the time, let me know and we’ll talk.


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