Mast is stepped

So I managed to sell my 1965 Vespa 90; selling it got me the cash for some big-ticket items I had been needing.

I’m happy to say that I now have all the ports installed. I also picked up this big box of custom rigging from Fisheries Supply.

It’s a full set of standing rigging for the lightning, custom made to fit my lightning with the taller mast step and other modifications; it even comes with the smallest jib roller furler I’ve ever seen fitted to the forestay.

I also finally, after partially pursuing two different alternatives, decided to go with the stock stainless steel spreaders. I had to order up the stainless tubing  and cut to length with my giant tubing cutter.

Once they were cut to length I had to use a countersink to de-burr the outboard ends to take the plug in plastic tips and drill for the retaining bolts. Once those were made, i laid the mast out on a set of sawhorses and attached all the rigging bits to it.

Then with the help of a friend, I managed to get the mast stepped. I swear, what is it about sailboat masts that make them grow twice as big once they are up in the air? I mean, look at this thing.


All in all, it is looking sharp.

The next step is to rig the boom for the vang, outhaul, and mainsheet, and all the foredeck bits for the jib and jib cars and mooring lines.

I’ve already started making the double ended 8:1 boom vang. expect to see pictures in the next few days.

Hopefully I get this done in the next few weeks; it’s about five weeks out till the wooden boat festival at Port Townsend and I was hoping to attend. In the next few days I am taking inventory of what the boat still needs to get sailable; Hopefully i have enough time and money to get it on the water in time.


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