Cabin structure is done, hatch design started.

I’ve done it. the cabin structure is together.

All the panels are together, and the hatch brace has been removed.

The edges are filleted and sanded.

I’m really happy with the progress.

I’ve also started work on the hatch.  I had to get creative, as I do not have alot of space on top of the cabin for the hatch, and i can’t extend the rails forward because then the hatch would interfere with the vang.

As a result, what I’ve come up with is a four part telescoping hatch. the four parts will slide into a 6″ ‘garage’ up front. I’ve done all the layout and design, and I made the side rails. They turned out really good.

I didn’t get a picture, but these have had limber holes installed, and they are on the cabin top already.

My goal for the coming week is to get the cockpit benches installed, and the cabin hatch finished.

Maybe even do the centerboard winch.

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