Mast step and forward centerboard trunk support done!

Today went well. 11 pieces got installed!

The mast step and centerboard trunk to deck tie-in is all done, and everything under the foredeck is done. I just need to fit the winch to lift the board.

In that shot you can see that my scope of work expanded, again. you see, there was an issue on the port side where the cockpit originally intersected. I’m not sure, but it looked like someone made a mistake and patched it at some time, or something.

This wasn’t a huge issue in and of itself, however they were not tied together too well, and the main load bearing member was cracked.

Because of this, it wasn’t structurally sound, and it also complicated the backup for the jib track.

So, I made a replacement piece that also eliminated the angle the old spray board fitted on, and added a board to back up the new jib track.

It’s douglas fir instead of cedar, so it’s strong with a little more weight. Beyond these repairs, I installed other backup pieces. This is where the cabin light/vent in the foredeck will go:

I also installed two of the pieces to back up the forward deck organizers.

At this point, all of the inside work under the foredeck is pretty much done. Since the mast step is in, next I’m going to temporarily mount the stem head fitting and put the mast on so I can gauge clearance for the cabin, and start putting that together.






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