T-shirts for sale!

Team Hodge is set to go for Victoria in the Race to Alaska on June 23rd, 2016. To help get the last final bits we need, We’ve commissioned Ellen Exacto to create a custom design and put together a limited edition T-shirt. On the front, the shirt features an image of George, the most steadfast Read More…

Electrical system is done!

So, today and yesterday we got a double dose of good weather here in Seattle. I managed to make some significant progress I managed to get two costs of paint on the coamings and the areas that needed touching up, I got the Andersen bailer installed, and the electrical system completed. 

Hatch coamings are in!

Today, I managed to get up to Sea-Mar before they closed and get some hardener. From Harbor island to Fisherman’s terminal in 25 minutes! Once I got home,  I got to work in the back yard, moving along with the hatch replacement. I’m happy to say the coaming install went well.